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10 Things To Do At A Motorcycle Rally

Get a Tattoo. Some rallies bring in celebrity artists giving you a chance to get some famous ink. Checking out the local shops is another option. A permanent reminder can be a good thing, or not.


Go For A Ride. The local back roads can offer adventure and new discoveries as well as give you a break from the rally crowds.



Listen To The Music. The only thing louder than the bikes? The bands! You'll find a wide range from the local bar bands to national recording artists playing and many of the shows are free.


Try out the local food fare. You can eat at the chain places anytime, anywhere. Find out where the locals go.


Test Ride a New Bike. At the larger rallies, you'll often find the bike manufacturers bring in their model lineup so riders can get a feel for the ride on different models.


Buy some new Biker Bling. Bikes are needy, they always appreciate an upgrade in parts and accessories. The big time manufacturers show up at the big time rallies.


Enter the Biker Games. Competitions can range from the mild to the wild. It's also great fun for the spectators.


Go on a Poker Run. Sometimes it's a ride, sometimes just a walk. Always a chance to win a prize and make new friends.


Check out a Bike Show. Some shows feature custom builds costing tens of thousands of dollars, others offer a chance for the garage builder to show off his/her work. Picture taking is welcomed, touching or sitting on the bikes is not.


Get a souvenir t-shirt. The closer it is to the end of the rally, the cheaper the prices will be.